Why Mondonedo?

Privileged location

  • Largest town council in the Marina Lucense.
  • Important natural resources.
  • Mild climate.
  • Fertile valley.

Exceptional environment

  • Surroundings of great scenic beauty.
  • Proximity to the sea and to sun and beach tourism.
  • Outstanding nearby tourist resources:
    • Church of San Martín de Mondoñedo.
    • Beach of Las Catedrales.
    • Tower of Pardo de Cela and Finca Galea.
    • Beaches of Foz, Barreiros, Ribadeo...
  • Cova do Rei Cintolo, the largest known cave in Galicia with a development of 6,500 metres, of which 4,546 were surveyed.

Excellent quality of life

Mondoñeado has:

  • Health services.
  • Social services.
  • Infrastructure and services of a cultural, sporting and leisure nature.
  • Courts.
  • Employment office.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Trade and commerce.

Outstanding connectivity

  • Good road connections via the A-8 Trans-Cantabrian motorway to France, mainly, and its connection with the A-6 Madrid-A Coruña and, by extension, with the "Atlantic Axis" via the AP-9.
  • Three possible airports within a radius of 1.5 hours by road.
  • Port of Mirasol in Ribadeo about 25 minutes away.
  • Bus station, taxi licences and FEVE 25 minutes away in Foz.